Solar System





The 24 Foot Diameter Dome seats 40

Powered by Starry Night™

The SciDome fulldome video system, powered by Starry Night™ can deliver comprehensive astronomy education. The SciDome planetarium is an immersive digital classroom - including comprehensive curriculum, lessons, assessments and teaching materials for all grade levels. Starry Night is the world's most popular astronomy software which includes a realtime astronomical database.

Our SciDome Theater System includes:

- Canon Multimedia 1400 x 1050 resolution digital projector with fisheye lens

- Starry Night Dome™ planetarium software

- Starry Night Elementary, Middle School, and High School Curriculum

- SciDome Fulldome curriculum by Dr. David Bradstreet

- Spitz Fulldome Space Library including:

~ A database of 13.5 million stars. Thousands of deep space objects with detailed descriptions from Messier and Caldwell catalogs. Herschel catalog of 400 deep sky objects.Over 18,000 quasars. Tully database with 3D position of 28,000 galaxies. Uppsala General catalog with 13,000 galaxies. PGC catalog with 60,000 galaxies. 100,000+ deep sky images from the Digitized Sky Survey.

~ Comprehensive database of dwarf planets, extra-solar planets, satellites, comets, asteroids, meteor showers, etc.

~ Display of planets and all solar system planets, moons as quality textured, accurately placed 3D objects.

~ Accurate annual motion of all stars, planets, sun and moons over a +/- 100,000 year span.

~ Constellation/asterism overlays, local, celestial, ecliptic, galactic grids.

~ Continuous three-dimensional navigation capability from the solar system out to 700 million light years into intergalactic space.

~ Automatic navigation to any location, planet, moon, comet, asteroid or satellite.

~ Customizable photorealistic 360-degree panoramas.

~ Ability to add user images anywhere in the night sky.

~ View dynamic Hertzprung-Russell diagrams for any area of the sky.

~ "Find" command to locate, magnify any celestial object.

~ Ability to import, place, slew, zoom slides and video for multimedia presentations.ATM-4 Automation Theatre software with fulldome multimedia player (seebelow)

Console Desk - Rack Stand Contents include:

- (2) Powerful 3D Boxx Computers; (1) Preflight computer (loads the instructions for the show) & (1) Renderbox computer (displays the show on dome)

- Samsung Monitor w/20” screen

- EuroRack Pro RX1202 FX Audio Mixer

- Tascam 202 MKIV Dual Cassette Recorder Player

- Denon DN-C615 Compact Disk MP3 Player

- (2) Samson Servo 300 Stereo Power Amps

ATM-4 Automation

Spitz' ATM-4 Theater Automation System combines theater automation and show production in one powerful software program. ATM-4 show control software incorporates a graphic, intuitive user environment for creating and modifying multimedia presentations.

ATM-4's custom control screens operate many of the functions in Starry Night Dome. These virtual control panels operate realtime features in Starry Night, and allow scripting of Starry Night effects into complete planetariums shows. ATM-4 also allows users to fade, zoom and slew digital movies and stills anywhere on the dome screen during Starry Night presentations.

ATM-4 controls the entire theater allowing precise synchronization of audio, video, multi-image, lighting and other devices in a reliable, simple fashion.

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