There are 2 college standardized tests that are given across the country and they are:



*Most 4 year colleges require a college entrance test for acceptance

*2 year colleges/Community colleges do not require them but may use them for placement and scholarship purposes.


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Aptitude test: Examination that attempts to determine and measure a person's ability to acquire, through future training, some specific set of skills (intellectual, motor, and so on). The tests assume that people differ in their special abilities and that these differences can be useful in predicting future achievements.Tries to predict student's potential.

 3 Sections  Score Range Score Range 
 Critical Reading  200  800
 Math  200  800
 Writing  200  800

*Most colleges just take the average of the Critical reading and Math score and use this to determine admission and scholarship award.

Test you on:

  • Cognitive reasoning ability
  • Problem solving skills

Key tips for testing:

  • Do not lose or gain a point for skipping a question *shouldn't skip too many questions
  • Penalty for guessing wrong ; lose ¼ of a point for guessing wrong
  • make only educated guesses ( if you can narrow down answer choices then guess)

Practice Version  PSAT  PSAT
 Critical Reading  20  80
 Math  20  80
 Writing  20  80


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Achievement test:is a test of already achieved skill or knowledge. The most common type of achievement test is a standardized test developed to measure skills and knowledge learned in a given grade level, usually through planned instruction, such as training or classroom instruction.

*Has an interest inventory built into the test to help students decide a career path.

4 Sections with Optional Writing Section  Score Range  Score Range
 English  1   36
 Math  1  36
 Reading  1  36
 Science  1  36

Optional Writing Test

*Most colleges take the Composite score (an average of all the subtest scores) and use this to determine admission and scholarship awards.

Test you on:
  • developed knowledge based on learning
  • Mastery level of subject area

Key tips for testing:

  • Make sure to answer all questions
  • No penalty for guessing
Practice Version: PLAN

*Score range is the same for both practice and real versions.

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