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Please accept your invite to join your class team in Office 365.  There you will find additional assignments to complete.  Do not be overwhelmed, do what you can.  If you can't figure out "the team thing," try completing the assignments below. The work presented to you can be a welcome break from the mind numbing monotony that many are experiencing daily.
Studio in Art students....

Practice drawing skills that you have learned in class already.  You may create drawings from observation which can be counted as make up assignments or extra credit.  Take a pic of each drawing and send the electronic file (jpeg) to me so that I may have a record of it.  

Examples of what you can create:

Value studies using the smudge technique or hatching, cross hatching-etc. to represent light and shade. These may include setting up a still life (easiest using a black sheet for a background and white objects such as vases, coffee mugs, etc. or placing a white sheet over a chair with a single light source, etc.) Remember the charcoal drawings you created of the simple geometric shapes?  Use a 2B pencil if that’s all you have.

Practice linear perspective- utilize two- or one-point perspective in a drawing establishing an accurate depiction of what our eyes actually witness, (basically create another 2-point picture like the one we did in class just before we left).  If you forgot the process there are many examples to guide you on the internet.

Practice you pen and ink drawing techniques - create a drawing utilizing the drawing techniques introduced to you class (hatching, cross hatching, contour hatching, stippling, etc). Do you remember the stuffed bear and making hairy spheres and arms? The assignment was to create a pen and ink drawing of the stuffed bear you witnessed in class mimicking the bear’s form contours as you rendered its hair. 

Digital Imaging students….

I know it is  difficult learning and creating artwork if you don’t have the software or a computer.

You can however evaluate images that you witness every day and comment on how you think they were manipulated in Photoshop.  I call it I spy.  Simply start a journal and document your analysis of various images you believe were manipulated using Photoshop and comment on how you think they were created.  For instance, let’s say you select a particular magazine cover; tell me about  the different layers you might see, list them numerically in stacking order, and tell me how you may have created this image if you were to have the actual file. 

This assignment can be counted as make up assignments or extra credit.

Take a pic of each page of your journal and send the electronic file (jpeg) to me so that I may have a record of it.  

Any ideas or questions, or suggestions?  Just email me at ckopacz@lackawannaschools.org  

Also, click the online gallery link for examples of past student work.



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