Living Environment

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Scientific Method

Scientific Method Daily Class Activities
Scientific Method vocabulary
Variables Explained
Understanding Variables
Redi's Experiment
Mythbusters Interactive
Casual and Scientific Use of Theory and Law
Fact vs Theory vs Hypothesis v Law

Life Functions
Life Functions Daily Class Activities
Life Functions vocabulary
Amoeba Sisters: Characteristics of Life
What Is A Virus?
Amoeba Sisters: Viruses

Chemistry of Life
Chemistry of Living Things Daily Activities
Chemistry of Life vocabulary
Elements and Compounds for Living Environment
Amoeba Sisters: Biomolecules
Fuse School: Biological Molecules
Amoeba Sisters: Enzymes  (part 1 of webquest)
"Enzymatic" game  (part 2 of webquest)
Enzymes Song

Cells Daily Class Activities
The Wacky History of Cell Theory
Cell Structure vocabulary
Cell Function vocabulary
Prokaryotic vs Eukaryotic Cells Amoeba Sisters
Prokaryotic Eukaryotic Fuse School
Introduction to Cells Amoeba Sisters
Cells Fuse School
Inside the Cell Membrane Amoeba Sisters
Cell Transport Amoeba Sisters
Diffusion Amoeba Sisters
Osmosis Amoeba Sisters
Diffusion Osmosis Fuse School
Photosynthesis Cellular Respiration Fuse School
Why Cells Must Divide
Mitosis Fuse School
Real Microscopic Mitosis
Specialized Cells Amoeba Sisters

Heredity and Genetics vocabulary
Genetics daily class activities

Modern Genetics Daily Class Activities
DNA Fuse School
Chromosomes Fuse School
DNA, Chromosomes, Genes and Traits Amoeba Sisters
Karyotypes Amoeba Sisters
DNA vs RNA Amoeba Sisters
Protein Synthesis Fuse School
Protein Synthesis Amoeba Sisters
Protein Synthesis 3D animation
Mutations Amoeba Sisters
Gel Electrophoresis Amoeba Sisters
Selective Breeding Fuse School
Types of Cloning Fuse School


Daily Class Activities - Evolution of Living Things

Vocabulary Flashcards - Evolution of Living Things
Fuse School Charles Darwin
Fuse School Evolution
Amoeba Sisters Natural Selection
Fuse School Natural Selection
Fuse School Competition
Fuse School Evolution and Fossils
Fuse School New Species
Bozeman Science Evidence for Evololution
Amoeba Sisters - Speciation
TedEd Bacterial Resistance
Peppered Moth Interactive
Regents Review 2.0 Evolution (giraffe adaptations)
Bird of Paradise adaptations

Vocabulary Flashcards - Reproduction
Fuse School Asexual Reproduction
Amoeba Sisters Asexual and Sexual Reproduction
Fuse School Sexual Reproduction in Plants
Fuse School Sperm and Eggs
Fuse School Puberty
Fuse School Menstrual Cycle
Fuse School Sexual Reproduction in Humans
Development of a Zygote
Human Development in the Womb


Homeostasis Daily Class Activities
Vocabulary Flashcards - Homeostasis and Specialization
What is Homeostasis? (Fuse School)
Homeostasis and Negative Feedback (Amoeba Sisters)
Membrane Channel simulation
Intro to Cell Signaling (Amoeba Sisters)
How do your hormones work? (Fuse School)
Temperature Regulation of the Human Body
Insulin and Glucagon (Fuse School)
What Is Diabetes?
The Science of HIV/AIDS (Asap Science)
HIV & AIDS (Osmosis)
The Immune System
Amoeba Sisters: Immune System
What Are Antibodies? Fuse School
How Do Vaccines Work? TedEd
Antibiotics, Antivirals, Vaccines Amoeba Sisters
Amoeba Sisters Cell Cycle and Cancer

Ecology and Human Influence
Ecology and Human Influence vocab flashcrds
Invasive Species TedEd
Zebra mussels, Gobi fish, and the Great Lakes
Purple Loosestrife
Top 10 Energy Sources of the Future
Life Cycle of a Plastic Bottle
How a Fire Can Restore a Forest
algal bloom
Amoeba Sisters: Ecological Relationships
Amoeba Sisters: Energy Pyramids
Ecological Succession - Amoeba Sisters
Ecological Succession - Crash Course
Burmese Python Invasion

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